I have many different reasons why I style, mostly because I apprenticed with my extraordinarily creative grandmother Esther when I was five and aspired to the ideal that one could take ordinary objects and make them extraordinary. Styling was to become my world.   Through passion and dedication I’ve been paid to do this for over three decades, but would do it anyway. And do.

As a Visual Artist to the Print and Film Industry working in tandem with Photographers, Clients, Directors and Art Directors, my mission is to oversee the aesthetics of the final image, and all things leading up to that… concepting, planning, sourcing, gathering. This would be my humble offering to your project. 

Editorial Inspired Aspirational Images with a casual flair is my trademark.

Story Evolution – visuals in unison with editorial content is my specialty.

Imagination & Organization is my strength.

Versatility & Expertise in working with a diverse range of medium is my edge.

Inspirational Forces in my private world are my work my art, family & friends. The animal kingdom!  VR46, turquoise, the everglades and dePhazz.  infrared, koto bolofo, diane arbus and mystery in photography.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

Sharron fisher, details…details…  films & photo styling

portrait by marcolivierleblanc.com